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Kevin Sirotek

Self diagnosed with an oil addiction and coming from a long line of motor-enthusiasts, Kevin is a 4th generation stakeholder in Illinois Auto Electric Co. (1915), parent company of American Wrench. He has vision, a design/3D background and experience in the fuel category, personally and through business. Kevin’s belief is that everyone should experience Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Horsepower.

Brian Sirotek

Brian is a 4th generation stakeholder and VP of Operations at Illinois Auto Electric Co. (1915), parent company of American Wrench. He has been riding motorcycles nearly all of his life, and has a deep-rooted passion for fuel-burning machines and driving fast.

Dylan Moller

With a passion for innovation, Dylan has been building and evolving businesses from recording studios to entertainment properties for more than 15 years. Armed with an MBA and a film degree, he brings a focused management style and a creative edge for production management. Dylan is always pushing forward and never satisfied.

Doug Calay

When it comes down to the wire and getting things done, Doug is our go-to guy. Nicknamed D-Mach, because he plows through big challenges so quickly, he's been with IAE for 18 years and is an integral part of our team.

Laura Sirotek

As Kevin's wife, and with the patience of a saint, Laura helps manage AW’s marketing, social media, and event planning & management. The two have been married for 19 years and have 3 beautiful children together.

Aaron Kelly

Aaron has been with American Wrench since 2007, doing film & video editing, website design, e-commerce administration, and event management, among other things. When he’s away from AW, Aaron spends his time as a touring songwriter.

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