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In support of their latest album, Full Circle, rock band Creed took to the road on a 36-city tour, and wanted to do something special for their fans, as a way of showing their appreciation for years of support.  So the band teamed up with American Wrench and Fret 12 to design, build, and give away a custom Creed-themed chopper and PRS guitar, as part of the Creed Chopper & Axe Giveaway.

The band participated in the design and build process, which we filmed and shared with fans online.  Upon completion, the chopper & guitar were displayed at the venues on tour for fans to have their pictures taken with, and later uploaded to social media, as well as the giveaway’s microsite.  Fans were immersed in the online experience, as it allowed them to learn more about the build, the technical specifications of the motorcycle, and follow the tour from city to city.  As part of Creed’s encore for each night, lead guitarist (and overall badass) Mark Tremonti would play the PRS guitar, and the motorcycle was brought onstage and revved up as the crowd roared and band broke into their final song of the night.  It was a truly unique experience that many fans would go on to say was their favorite moment of the night.

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